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مدن ملاهي in Bay Lake

Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle هو من المعالم السياحية في Bay Lake ، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية

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Undercover Tourist
2011 August 24
Take the time to walk through the corridor of Cinderella Castle. You’ll see five mosaic murals which tell the story of Cinderella. Not to be missed!
e.m. ricchini
2011 February 13
If anyone asked me to marry them here, I'd say yes.
Bob Brouse
2013 May 7
The pre-show for "Wishes" will blow your mind
2010 October 25
Make sure you never ever miss Wishes or the parade!!!
Aszu Zzgyski
2012 December 20
Cinderella Castle stands at the center of Magic Kingdom as the park's icon. Towering 189 feet high, it is home to Cinderella, whose story is told in five dramatic glass tile mosaics in its main hall
John K
2012 May 3
I've slept in the castle. Have you?
Kenneth Eckman
2011 November 6
The Christmas lights on the castle are all LED and use the same amount of electricity as two medium sized refrigerators.
Mooseface Place
2010 February 17
This castle is way bigger than the one in California! Omg must be to compensate for their shortcomings in every other area.
Juddah Kie
2013 May 18
I slept here a few times. Beds are comfortable. Bathrooms clean and good is delicious. I didn't have pajamas, so I borrowed a pair of Goofy's. parking outside the castle is limited.
2011 August 18
Every little girl must do this at least once. :)
Jake Smith
2012 أبريل 16
Wish upon a star.
Ed Dickinson
2013 August 7
Food is fantastic and plentiful. But best of all you get to meet all the main Princesses at your table. Expensive bit worth it.
Jeremy Hays
2012 March 20
The Princess meet and greet breakfast isn't all that great for the money. They do offer great gluten free options such as waffles and muffins aside from the normal fare
Isaac Chavez
2011 November 23
Make dinner reservations for about 9:30pm. You'll be eating dinner when the 10:00 fireworks go off. Magical!
Cat Cheng
2011 September 19
Don't miss "The Magic, The Memories, and You!"Castle looks awesome. and you can check into the event :)
Casie L
2011 March 4
Wow! Technology + creativity combine to make this castle a must see at night!! *impressive*
2013 July 3
Linda apresentação. Só não deixe de usar chapéu, boné, filtro solar etc pq vc fica de frente para o sol, q é de rachar no verão!
Cristyam Otaviano
2012 January 14
Lindo. Muito lindo mesmo, mais lindo ao vivo e a cores
Myrella Lima 👑
2013 July 16
Um sonho , maravilhoso . Queima de fogos as 22hrs é lindo :,)
2010 December 24
Sr vc tem meninas, marque uma hora no Bibidi Bibidi Boutique e trabécula-as em princesas!!
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Sun 9:00 AM–11:00 PM
Mon-Fri 10:00 AM–10:00 PM

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