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Surfing locations in Pūpūkea

Banzai Pipeline

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Justin Linsday
2010 December 26
Axel Vedani
2013 March 1
Sit down and watch the magic
Degree Men
2011 October 26
Made of 3 reefs in increasingly deep water, no matter the swell size, the reef churns out deadly powerful and heavy waves over a jagged coral reef. It is home to the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.
Russel Cheng
2009 December 23
Best on a NNW swell at 6-10 feet. Experience surfers only.
Christoffer Engström
2014 August 26
Even if you ain't good enough to surf, the break is close to the beach and makes it a perfect spot to watching!
Dana D.
2014 March 19
You won't find waves like these anywhere else in Hawaii
Olga Diniz
2013 March 22
Great beach to watch the surfers. Amazing waves and beautiful sunset!/ ótima praia para ver os surfistas. Ondas gigantes e um pôr-do-sol maravilhoso!
Kenny Bruner
2010 July 29
Not for the amateur weekend warrior surfer or for that matter even a "good" surfer. This wave is for the elite, not only because waves power but also they dont like kooks, too dangerous to play here.
Karina Lopes
2015 September 27
The spot for surfing, but in the summer there weren't many waves
Marcy Maxwell
2015 September 9
Stayed in a beach house right on the Pipeline. It was beautiful and peaceful. Watching surfing all day long.
Britney Teper
2015 February 26
This spot is amazing, you will see the best surfers in the world here. Don't be fooled by a lower looking surf day either, this spot is NOT for beginners
The Wall Street Journal
Front row for watching the pro contests and punishing waves.
Jason Feirman
2014 أبريل 14
Supposedly the best place to watch surfers
Alan Curtis
2014 February 8
Just some very big waves
2013 August 9
Quiet in summer, great swimming.
2011 August 30
OAHU: Best place to watch pros battle 25-foot waves
Damian Bayona
2018 February 20
Grab a chair and watch some choice waves at the world famous banzai pipeline. Always entertaining. Expect a crowd and photographers sprinkled throughout.
Jessica Liu
2017 October 26
Watch some dare devils surf and boogie board. If you want to get in the water but don't want to die, there's a nice wading area
2017 January 19
Check the surf reports if you're in Hawaii. We took a last minute trip to see the 20-25 footers and caught a contest. It was worth it!
Keith Kaplan
2016 January 13
Best waves on Oahu. It's worth the trip up here if you're staying on the south shore.

59-385 Ke Nui Rd, Haleiwa, HI 96712، الولايات المتحدة

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